Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence allegations are very serious. The police and the courts do not play games or take these matters lightly. If you are the victim of domestic violence you need to know your options from protection orders to criminal prosecution.

You need an attorney to assist you in the complications that may come from protecting yourself and your children. Attorney Campbell handles domestic violence protection order hearings, divorces, and emergency custody orders. You may call for a free confidential appointment. Sometimes just being more knowledgeable about your options gives you the power to make better decisions to end the cycle of violence for your family.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need an attorney with experience to help explain your situation to the court. Do not wait to speak with an attorney. Get the advice you need to protect yourself now. An accusation of domestic violence can impact your relationship with your children and possibly your employment.

On a regular basis, you hear of tragic stories because of domestic violence. The court wants to prevent the same in the future, but if you are not guilty of the allegations, you need to have an experienced attorney help you defend yourself!

Attorney Campbell will listen and take your case personally. Schedule your meeting today. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request.