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Supreme Court rules on property division in military divorce

With so much political drama and turmoil dominating the headlines in Cincinnati media, news of an important, recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling slipped through the cracks. The nation's high court ruled recently that states cannot change the amount of a veteran's retirement pay that a former spouse receives in order to make up for a loss caused by the vet's decision to receive disability benefits.

The decision could have impact property division agreements in divorces involving veterans who might one day apply for disability benefits.

Questions that might make your divorce more amicable

Among the variety of topics we explore in our Butler County Divorce Law blog are the ways in which people can make their split less hostile. If a divorce is less hostile, it is likely to take less time and cost you less money.

The New York Times recently asked experts to suggest questions that might help those who are thinking of divorce. The questions are designed to help "make a split more amicable" or possibly even save a marriage.

Is divorce part of the movie of your life?

It is sometimes fun to think of favorite movies, breaking them into various genres and styles. Is the original "Star Wars" the best science fiction movie ever or does it more properly fall into the action genre? Which is the best thriller, the scariest horror movie and the best example of film noir, comedy and romance?

For movie fans, the discussions can go on for hours. One genre often overlooked by film buffs is the cinematic category in which moviemakers examine the disintegration of marriages. Prompted by the release of "The Lovers," a recent newspaper article delved into this subgenre (it unfortunately lacks a formal title) that looks in varying degrees at why people divorce, how they do it and what happens to them afterwards.

Is Hamilton among the nation's divorce capitals?

Which cities do you think of when someone mentions the divorce capitals of the U.S.? Las Vegas is probably near the top of many lists. Reno could be up there, along with other places associated fairly or unfairly with quick endings to marriages.

One place few of our regular readers might place near the top of the cities with the highest percentages of divorced residents: Hamilton, Ohio. But according to a recent survey, our city is nestled in the nation's top 10, while Reno comes in at 19.

Reactions to moments of stress in divorce

People tolerate stress with varying levels of success. Divorce is one of those events in life that tests our ability to cope with stress as we try to work through often complex disagreements over property division and child custody.

Sometimes our ability to cope with stress in divorce is tested beyond what is reasonable, however, as a recent magazine article made clear. One of the women profiled in the piece said she was in the process of filing for divorce when she got a phone message from a woman who said she had been dating her husband for months -- and she wanted advice about sex.

Words of caution for divorcing millennials

Millennials are reshaping communications, politics, arts, the way we shop, stay fit, raise children and much more. They are also reshaping divorce by waiting longer to get married, and by living together before taking wedding vows, experts say. The combination of the two, among other factors, is helping drive the divorce rate for first marriages lower.

While the divorce rate for new marriages has dropped, some observers say millennials are not paying as much attention to the financial details of divorce as they could and should.

Ways to help your children during the divorce process

There's sometimes a very negative perception of divorce when it relates to children. Although we can agree that divorce can be more challenging when children are involved, it doesn't mean that parents cannot find healthy and meaningful ways of interacting with their children during the process. When parents take a proactive approach and keep communication lines open with their children, children can thrive despite the split.

Financial concerns for those divorcing over 50

For every rule, it seems, there is an exception. So it is with divorce rates. For most age groups, divorce rates have dropped or flattened in recent years, with the exception of people age 50 and above.

Those in that group are twice as likely to go through a divorce as they were back in 1990, according to Ohio's National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University.

Art imitates divorce

It is sometimes mystifying where ideas for new movies and TV shows originate. In some situations, plots are devised out of whole cloth; fictions that a writer hopes viewers will want to see. In other cases, the creators rely on events in their own lives. Such is the case with a new HBO series called "Crashing." The show stars 37-year-old stand-up comedian Pete Holmes, who is hoping to interest audiences in a plot line that revolves loosely around his real-life divorce that happened in his late twenties.

In an interview preceding the series debut, Holmes talked about what his ex-wife thinks of his new venture. He says that the two have not talked in the decade since their split, but that if audiences could look back at his real marriage and really see it come undone, "you would have been rooting for my wife to get out of the relationship."

Airing it out: A discussion of divorce and mediation

If you drive north from Hamilton for a few hours, you'll come to Bowling Green University. The Ohio school's National Center for Family and Marriage Research says its analysis of data indicates that the divorce rate in America is on the decline.

Regardless, many people find themselves bucking the trend and facing the prospect of the end of their marriages. Cincinnati’s NPR station recently hosted an interesting discussion of divorce and mediation with several experts, including a psychologist, a family law attorney and a financial adviser.

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