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Butler County Divorce Law Blog

Important considerations for military spouses filing for divorce

The military is a demanding commitment, and with such a strain on your time and obligations, it is understandable that your marriage may suffer. According to sources such as, the divorce rate for spouses in the service has been on the decline for several years, but there are still many military couples who divorce every year. There are a few things to think about if you are in this situation.

The most important considerations will regard your financial future and arrangements that affect your children, if you have any. It is vital that you prepare for the legal processes that these items and the rest of your divorce will entail, and if necessary, hire an attorney to represent you in court.

3 things that all grandparents seeking custody should know

As a grandparent, you love and support both your children and their children, too. Sometimes, though, it becomes apparent that the behavior of your child may be detrimental to the well-being of your grandchildren. There are a number of reasons this might be the case -- perhaps he or she is unable to parent effectively because of a struggle with an addiction to heroin or another form of substance abuse.

According to PBS Newshour, the number of grandparents tasked with raising their grandchildren has risen dramatically due to the onset of the opioid crisis. If this sounds familiar, you should be aware of your rights as a grandparent and understand how to take initiative to ensure your grandkids' wellbeing.

Expert advice on how co-parents can co-exist after divorce

Parenting is filled with challenges in even the most ideal situations. When parents divorce, the complications of raising children can pile high.

A recent article features therapists and psychologists describing successful methods co-parents can use when disagreements arise about schooling, schedules, discipline and other common points of contention.

Divorce rate on the decline; acceptability on the rise

If you were to ask your family, friends, co-workers and Hamilton neighbors, it is likely that most of them would say that they do not condemn or reject or judge a person who gets a divorce. You don't need to poll them, however.

Gallup has done the leg work for you. According to their latest poll, 73 percent of Americans -- a new record -- say that divorce is "morally acceptable." Gallup says the figure has seen a dramatic 14-point rise since 2001.

Woman asks if mediation or a court battle is best in her divorce

Few people would argue that a woman who recently asked for advice from columnist Amy Dickinson is not justified in seeking divorce. After all, the woman writes that her husband of more than 20 years has spent more than $20,000 on "escorts." And he also gave her an STD.

The woman writes that she is torn between two choices to pursue in a divorce: a bruising court battle or mediation that will save money and be less public.

Research shows summertime surge in divorce

We are in the middle of perhaps the best Butler County season. Summertime's warm days are long, children are out of school and people are outdoors enjoying picnics, sports, fireworks and more.

For some, though, the heat brings desperation: they are trying to save their marriages with last-ditch efforts such as family vacations. When those efforts don't pan out, divorce can be an unpleasant reality that couples have to face. If you are going through these kinds of dog days of summer, you might take comfort in knowing you are not alone. A university study shows that the most common months to divorce are August and March.

Supreme Court rules on property division in military divorce

With so much political drama and turmoil dominating the headlines in Cincinnati media, news of an important, recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling slipped through the cracks. The nation's high court ruled recently that states cannot change the amount of a veteran's retirement pay that a former spouse receives in order to make up for a loss caused by the vet's decision to receive disability benefits.

The decision could have impact property division agreements in divorces involving veterans who might one day apply for disability benefits.

Questions that might make your divorce more amicable

Among the variety of topics we explore in our Butler County Divorce Law blog are the ways in which people can make their split less hostile. If a divorce is less hostile, it is likely to take less time and cost you less money.

The New York Times recently asked experts to suggest questions that might help those who are thinking of divorce. The questions are designed to help "make a split more amicable" or possibly even save a marriage.

Is divorce part of the movie of your life?

It is sometimes fun to think of favorite movies, breaking them into various genres and styles. Is the original "Star Wars" the best science fiction movie ever or does it more properly fall into the action genre? Which is the best thriller, the scariest horror movie and the best example of film noir, comedy and romance?

For movie fans, the discussions can go on for hours. One genre often overlooked by film buffs is the cinematic category in which moviemakers examine the disintegration of marriages. Prompted by the release of "The Lovers," a recent newspaper article delved into this subgenre (it unfortunately lacks a formal title) that looks in varying degrees at why people divorce, how they do it and what happens to them afterwards.

Is Hamilton among the nation's divorce capitals?

Which cities do you think of when someone mentions the divorce capitals of the U.S.? Las Vegas is probably near the top of many lists. Reno could be up there, along with other places associated fairly or unfairly with quick endings to marriages.

One place few of our regular readers might place near the top of the cities with the highest percentages of divorced residents: Hamilton, Ohio. But according to a recent survey, our city is nestled in the nation's top 10, while Reno comes in at 19.

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