Answering Your Property Division Questions

If you are considering divorce in Ohio, you probably have many questions about how the property you and your spouse own will be divided. Here are some answers to the property division questions our Butler County family law firm hears most often.

What does "equitable" division mean?

Ohio law states that couples will have equitable division of marital assets if they divorce. Equitable does not necessarily mean equal. Equitable in this case really means fair.

What is marital property?

Marital property is defined as any personal or real property that is owned by either of the spouses, including real estate interests.

What if I owned the property before we got married?

If you bought the property or interest in a property before the marriage, then that is yours to keep and would not be considered as marital property.

Is anything I own safe from being called marital property?

Some items are excluded from the marital property division. The items that are excluded are inheritance if designated to only one spouse, gifts designated for only one spouse, property interests or real estate you purchased before getting married and any items listed in a prenuptial agreement.

Is my retirement account at risk in divorce?

Yes, unfortunately, retirement accounts are considered to be marital property.

What if I suspect my spouse of hiding assets?

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, we can have an investigator look for them. These hidden items such as boats and cars will also become part of the marital property as long as they were purchased after the marriage.

Seek Knowledgeable Legal Guidance First

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