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What rights do both parties have in a military divorce?

A military divorce is a little different than a civilian divorce. As such, it may require different rights and considerations. If you are filing for a military divorce in Ohio, it is important to understand your rights and the rights of your spouse. This will help the process to go more smoothly.

Military One Source explains that if your spouse is in the military, you still have the right to get legal assistance from the military for your divorce. Do understand, though, such assistance is limited and cannot offer assistance in the courtroom. You also may have some rights to your spouse's benefits. This includes rights to commissary, exchange and theater privileges and medical benefits.

When grandparents become parents again

The Pew Charitable Trusts found that in 2015, "2.9 million children...were living with grandparents who were responsible for their care." That is a lot of kids living with family members who are not their parents. What does this statistic mean for grandparents in Ohio?

First, it is important to know why more little ones are growing up in their grandparents' homes. One of the main reasons, Pew discovered, is drugs. Addicted parents often neglect their children if they do not abandon them altogether, and with 2.4 million people labeled "opioid addicts" in recent years, the deepening trend of grandmothers and grandfathers taking up the slack in childrearing is not so surprising. 

What you need to know about Bitcoin, et al.

At the Law Office of Kristen L Campbell LLC in Ohio, we know that dividing your property during a divorce can be one of the most contentious issues between you and your spouse. This is particularly true if you suspect that (s)he is hiding assets in an attempt to skew your family’s overall financial picture so as to deprive you of what is rightfully yours.

Hiding assets during a divorce is nothing new. Spiteful and/or greedy spouses have been doing it for years. However, thanks to today’s technology, hiding assets is easier than ever to do by means of cryptocurrencies. As explains, a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is virtual money. It does not exist in physical form and is therefore easy to hide.

How unwed fathers can establish parental rights

Children share a special bond with their fathers from the moment they are born. As a dad, you have an important responsibility to support, nurture and care for your kid. If your child was born outside of marriage, you may have concerns about your rights.

If the mother of your child is restricting your involvement, you may be feeling a lot of frustration. Thankfully, there are measures fathers can take towards establishing and protecting their parental rights. Here are some possible routes.

Dividing art takes more than a little creativity

Some may think creatives can find imaginative solutions for every situation in life, but communication and other issues can haunt their marriages, too. When Ohio artists decide there is just no innovative resolution for their marital strife, who gets the art they have to split equally between them? 

Last year, the New York Post reported that high-profile couple Robert Soros and his soon-to-be ex-wife Melissa Schiff had not been able to make a decisive plan about their art collection. Even though their prenuptial agreement stated plainly how to resolve the matter, it had gone all the way to Manhattan's Supreme Court in September. The trouble is Schiff feels a strong enough attachment to some of the pieces that she would like to keep them; Soros wants to sell.

What are the factors that affect grandparents' rights?

Grandparents can sometimes be stabilizing influencers in the lives of children who are experiencing the turbulence of a home broken by divorce. Following the proceedings, however, extended family members are not always privy to the same amount of time they once spent with the youngest of the bunch. Ohio grandparents, you may find it helpful to know what factors the courts consider when deciding whether to grant you the right to visit your grandchildren. 

The Legislative Service Commission of the Ohio General Assembly first offers a reminder to you of the situations in which the state typically approves "grandparent companionship":

  • Following a parent's death
  • After a couple's separation or dissolution of marriage
  • In the event the child's parent is a single mom

Divorce mediation - what is in it for me?

When you are not sure what else to do, and you have finally made the difficult decision to divorce your spouse, the last thing you may want is go to trial against him or her. An option for Ohio couples who prefer to avoid the courtroom is mediation, the addition of a third party with an objective view and trained conflict resolution skills. 

Besides the benefit of not having to go to court, mediation provides a less stressful environment that, in turn, eases the process for any children involved. The American Bar Association stresses the significance of these realities. When children see you and your partner working together amicably, the ABA says, the kids' hope for continuing in strong relationships with both of you stays alive. Joint custody is often a product of mediation, too, a fact that underscores the benefits mediation offers children.

Divorce and the family business

Ohio couples who own a business together but are thinking about ending their marriage must decide if and how the business will continue and, if so, how they will split its value between them. This can become very complicated very quickly.

As Forbes explains, the couple has three basic choices as follows:

  1. Continue owning and operating the business together
  2. Have one spouse buy out the other’s interest
  3. Sell the business and split the proceeds

How does military service affect child support?

When children are involved, divorce can be complex due to determining custody, parenting schedules and child support. Adding in a parent who is active in the military can make these things more challenging to figure out.

Although custody issues may be the main focus for military families going through divorce, active duty also affects the calculation and modification of child support. Knowing the law concerning these issues can help you financially prepare, whether you are the obligor (payer) or obligee (payee).

The shaky ground of grandparents' rights

Divorce can be a scary time for everyone involved, but it can be especially troubling for grandparents. Sometimes they feel they have to take a back seat while their kids work things out as adults, but their lives are changing, too. The relationships with their grandchildren may also shift dramatically. Ohio grandparents who are wondering how their son's impending divorce will impact time with his kids should read on.

First, know courts are always aiming for the best interests of children. When it comes time to determine who should get to visit them, judges consider the relationship grandparents have already established with grandkids.

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