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How do you successfully raise your grandchildren?

When you adopt your grandchildren in Ohio, you may not always realize how much of a challenge you are taking on. There are a few things you should consider to make sure your grandkids receive everything they need. 

When you first bring your grandchildren into your home, you may focus mostly on their needs. According to, it is important to remember your needs as well. You may not have as much energy as you did when you raised your children and sometimes you may have new health challenges as well. It is important to prioritize your own health so that you can be a good caregiver to your grandkids. You may want to make sure you get time to rest. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a support system. You may want to talk to a good friend or join a support group.

How can you tell if your spouse is hiding assets?

The term "equitable division" can cause confusion for people in Ohio. It refers to a fair division of property between spouses rather than a 50-50 split down the middle, with each spouse receiving half. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one spouse to unfairly try to tip the scales in his or her own favor by hiding assets from the other. If your spouse is hiding assets from you in anticipation of your impending divorce, you should know that it is not only unfair to you, it is also against the law. 

According to the Good Men Project, some efforts to hide assets are relatively simple. For example, your spouse may simply lie about income and/or debt levels. Other schemes are more elaborate, involving the transfer of assets to accomplices or manipulation of financial documents. 

Visitation schedules for military families

When you get a divorce in Ohio, you may wonder how you will see your children since you are an active-duty member of the military. Visitation can sometimes be more complicated if you do not live near your children anymore. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, we know it is important for you to understand how long-distance visitation can work.

When you and your spouse get a divorce, you usually put together a visitation plan. According to FindLaw, it is a good idea to include deployments in this arrangement. You may want to have extra visitation hours either before or after you deploy so you can spend plenty of time with the kids. Sometimes you may be able to do virtual visitations from your deployment location. If this is possible, you and your ex-spouse may want to write down how often this communication will take place and how long each visitation will be. 

What do you need to know about kinship care?

Are you a grandparent in Ohio concerned about your grandchildren because their parents are unavailable or otherwise unable to care for them? Are you thinking about taking the necessary steps to become a kinship caregiver? 

If so, you are not alone. At this moment, according to the Public Children's Services Association of Ohio, the number of grandparents taking primary care of grandchildren in Ohio is approximately 100,000. In some cases, this may be a permanent arrangement, but in others, it may be only temporary while the child's parents work out whatever difficulties are preventing them from fulfilling their responsibilities.

Winning grandparent rights

The love of a grandparent is almost as important as that of a parent. In some cases, when a parent is not in the child's life for any reason, the care, consideration and love of a grandparent may be vital.

Whether a divorce, an estranged relationship or another event formed a wedge between you and your grandchildren, there may be options available to bridge the divide. In that vein, you have to understand a few key items about grandparent rights.

Why an out-of-court parenting plan may be best

Children can benefit from having a strong relationship with both parents. Unfortunately, a divorce can put a strain on that relationship.

To aid in combating that negative occurrence, the courts mandate that parents put a parenting plan in place during the divorce process. In some cases, creating the plan out of court can be beneficial.

How divorce mediation can help with joint custody

Divorcing parents in Ohio will have to deal with matters of child custody. While recent studies have shown that joint custody tends to be the best option for a child, not every parent may feel like they are capable of sharing custody. This is where divorce mediation can come in. defines divorce mediation as a form of conflict resolution for divorcing couples. Generally speaking, it involves an unrelated third party who is there to help both sides reach a consensus. Though there is a misconception that mediators are attempting to "fix" a couple's relationship, that isn't the case. Instead, they act as a bridge between two parties and try to get them to reach agreements on a number of topics.

How are high asset divorces handled?

Going through a divorce in Ohio means that you must abide by state laws when it comes to handling the division of assets. The higher your assets are, the more complexities you will likely run into during this process. Here are some tips on dealing with asset division in a high asset divorce that might help you out.

FindLaw examines different ways to make a high asset divorce go more smoothly. The first way is by keeping close track of all of your assets. The more you have, the harder this will be. Losing track of assets can make estimating your overall net worth hard. It can also make asset division nigh impossible, as you won't be able to account for everything that belongs to you. Keeping a close eye on your assets means you must keep track of all sources of income, inheritance, or funds. 

What are the goals of divorce mediation?

Ohio couples who are looking to get a divorce may also benefit from divorce mediation. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding this, but it can actually be a big help to you and your spouse as you are attempting to work through your divorce.

The goals of divorce mediation are often misinterpreted, with many people believing that mediators are attempting to mend a relationship or get a couple back together. That simply isn't the case. FindLaw states that divorce mediation is instead meant to create mutually acceptable divorce terms. Along with ensuring that the terms are legal and equitable, mediation also aims to save you time and money by allowing you to avoid litigation. Through mediation, you may also limit hostilities between parties, which can make life after the divorce easier, too.

What is the role of mediation in uncontested divorce?

Ohio couples who are seeking to divorce may wonder if they are eligible for uncontested divorce. While this type of divorce holds many benefits, it can also be fairly difficult for couples to achieve for various reasons.

As FindLaw states, uncontested divorce involves not only agreeing with your spouse on the notion of divorce in the first place, but also on a number of basic divorce elements. These can involve things like child support or custody matters, spousal support, and property division.

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