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Early warning might save military marriages

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2015 | Child Custody |

The U.S. Air Force uses radar, air patrols and reconnaissance satellites to keep an eye on Americans at home and members of the military abroad. Combined, these systems are an effective means of detecting dangers.

Now the Department of Defense has awarded Wright State University a nearly $900,000 grant to see if an early warning system of sorts can be created to detect trouble in military marriages. The school will study Air Force couples to track how their responses to marriage counseling.

Wright State University is just a few miles from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, about a 50-minute drive northeast of Hamilton.

Researchers will enlist 250 couples in the three-year study, according to a newspaper report. The goal is to see if early counseling intervention in military marriages can spare some couples from divorce. As anyone who has been in the Air Force or other branch of the military can tell you, military marriages can be difficult to maintain given the long periods of separation often involved in the service. There can also be difficult stress-levels when members of the military are in armed conflict or might be deployed to those areas.

“Most couples wait a very long time, if ever, to seek out marriage counseling. Things got to be in pretty bad shape for any couple to even think about (counseling),” said the study’s lead researcher.

For some couples, marriage therapy provides them new communications skills that enable them to restore and preserve their relationships. For others, the damage has been done and no amount of counseling will fix things.

In those situations, a parting of the ways is often best. With the help of an experienced Butler County family law attorney, disputes in the divorce process over child custody and property division can often be settled in negotiations. However, a skilled divorce lawyer will not hesitate to go to court if that’s where your rights and interested are best defended.


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