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Co-parenting requires co-operation

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Child Custody |

A lot of Butler County parents can relate to busy — very busy — life of family law attorney Karen Covy. She’s a busy lawyer with a Chicago practice, yet finds time somehow to blog frequently for her own website, the Huffington Post and, as well as serving as an educator and recurring guest on radio and TV programs. She’s also apparently a popular speaker who can give audiences insights into divorce as a mom and an attorney.

The Huffington Post recently published her 10 tips on how “to help you and your ex smooth out the bumps in your co-parenting relationship.” Spoiler alert: successful co-parenting requires cooperation between former spouses.

At the very top of Cozy’s list is some sound advice: an important part of divorcing is sitting down and discussing with the other parent how you two will handle important parenting issues. Don’t wait until the curtain falls on the divorce. It is very possible that if the divorce is final and nothing has really been talked over and agreed upon, you two will later find yourselves back in court to fight it out.

In addition to talking hot-button parenting issues out in your divorce, create a dispute resolution process as well. Even though you have talked things out and hammered out an agreement, disagreements are likely to present themselves after the divorce is final. You and your ex can agree beforehand that you (for example) talk over the disagreement, and if that doesn’t resolve matters, go to a mediator.

Consider alternate means of communication. Face-to-face discussions with an ex can be tough for many, so consider texting, emails, Skype, phone calls, etc. Try to find a method or two that enables you two to communicate effectively without driving each other crazy.

Cozy has other advice as well; you can read her article here. To discuss ways to make your divorce result in resolutions you can live with, talk over your priorities with a Hamilton family law attorney.


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