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Put down your weapons: Divorce doesn’t have to be a battle

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Divorce |

When people think about divorce, they often jump right to the worst example. They think of endless courtroom battles, hurtful allegations, kids being pitted against each parent and demands for huge sums of money.

However, in reality, most divorces are nothing like the ugly, contentious battles some people expect. In fact, because so many divorces are finalized through mediation, it could be much more amicable than you expect. If you are getting divorced, it may be wise to learn a few things about mediation so that you have some idea of what to expect from this process.

  1. You aren’t going through this alone. Besides your attorney, Ohio state law also requires that you have a mediator present to help you resolve disputes.
  2. It can still be challenging, even when you and your ex are amicable. Dividing assets and talking about where the kids will live are incredibly difficult subjects, and disagreements are common. However, the mediator and your attorney will be there to help you through these obstacles.
  3. Every situation is different. Even if your split is very similar to someone else’s, the fact is that every person and every divorcing couple is unique. This means there is no cookie-cutter agreement to reach. You will need to find something that is fair and works for your specific situation.
  4. While you have a lot of control over the issues in your divorce, there are still laws in place. When it comes to matters like child custody, property division or spousal support, you won’t just be flying blind. There are guidelines and rules with which you must comply.
  5. Mediation will not always work, or be right for you. The courts might require mediation, and you might even prefer it. But if you cannot come to an agreement, or if there are concerns about abuse or fraud, the matter will head to court for resolution.

These are just some general aspects of mediation, but hopefully it alleviates some of the concerns and fears you may have about divorce. Mediation will likely play a role, so it is a good idea to be prepared and manage your expectations with regard to the divorce process in Ohio. For more specific details and questions, you can consult your attorney.


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