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Art imitates divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2017 | Property Division |

It is sometimes mystifying where ideas for new movies and TV shows originate. In some situations, plots are devised out of whole cloth; fictions that a writer hopes viewers will want to see. In other cases, the creators rely on events in their own lives. Such is the case with a new HBO series called “Crashing.” The show stars 37-year-old stand-up comedian Pete Holmes, who is hoping to interest audiences in a plot line that revolves loosely around his real-life divorce that happened in his late twenties.

In an interview preceding the series debut, Holmes talked about what his ex-wife thinks of his new venture. He says that the two have not talked in the decade since their split, but that if audiences could look back at his real marriage and really see it come undone, “you would have been rooting for my wife to get out of the relationship.”

He says he tread lightly when creating the fictional character based on his ex. “I was very, very careful to make her very sympathetic,” he says.

The marriage didn’t end because she was a bad person or because he was a bad person, he insists. Instead, it ended because, though she loved Holmes, she needed “something else” in life to be happy. And she has apparently found it.

“She’s off and happy and I’m off and happy,” he says.

The show just might be reassuring to some of those who face the prospect of divorce. A split need not mean that someone played the heavy, or the bad guy. Sometimes people simply find out that they need something else to find true happiness.

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