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Is Hamilton among the nation’s divorce capitals?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2017 | Child Custody |

Which cities do you think of when someone mentions the divorce capitals of the U.S.? Las Vegas is probably near the top of many lists. Reno could be up there, along with other places associated fairly or unfairly with quick endings to marriages.

One place few of our regular readers might place near the top of the cities with the highest percentages of divorced residents: Hamilton, Ohio. But according to a recent survey, our city is nestled in the nation’s top 10, while Reno comes in at 19.

According to a survey by a real estate intelligence site that used the U.S. Census’s data in its American Community Survey, the cities with the highest percentages of divorced residents includes Hamilton at number 10. A substantial 16.6 percent of our city’s inhabitants told the Census Bureau in 2015 that they are divorced.

That places us right above Miami Beach, which has a 16.3 percentage of its 91,000-plus residents identifying themselves as divorced, and just below Evansville, Indiana, with its 16.6 percentage.

Flint, Michigan, places number 8 in the survey (16.8 percent), while Tamarac, Florida, is at number 7 with 17.1 percent.

Ohio gets back into the mix with Canton showing up at number 6 (17.1 percent of the city’s 72,000 residents are divorced).

Santa Fe, New Mexico, gets the Southwest into the fray at number 5 with its 17.1 percent.

Melbourne, Florida, places at 4 (17.3 percent) and Kokomo, Indiana, is at 3 (17.6 percent).

Florida’s dominance of the divorce capitals chart is borne out with Largo’s spot all the way up at number 2 (17.7 percent are divorced). But perhaps surprisingly, quiet Anderson, Indiana, is at the very top of the list with a whopping 18.7 percent of its 55,630 residents identifying themselves to the Census as divorced.

Of course, everyone understands that geography has little to do with why or how people divorce. Each set of circumstances is unique to the couple involved.

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