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Expert advice on how co-parents can co-exist after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Child Custody |

Parenting is filled with challenges in even the most ideal situations. When parents divorce, the complications of raising children can pile high.

A recent article features therapists and psychologists describing successful methods co-parents can use when disagreements arise about schooling, schedules, discipline and other common points of contention.

Unsurprisingly, one of those common sources of disagreement centers on bed times. Kids typically hope to stay up as late as possible, while parents often have diverging ideas of appropriate bed times.

A clinical psychologist said, “If the kids go to bed at 10pm with dad and 8pm with mom, that is not ideal. Yet it is much healthier for kids than watching you fight about bedtime.” So an alternating schedule might work in your situation. It can teach children the value of flexibility and recognize that rules sometimes change with circumstances.

An expert cited in the Huffington Post article said consistency is consistently a problem for co-parents. “Even though consistency is best for children,” the psychologist notes, “many parents are just trying to hold down one home, let alone co-manage two.”

So there is often inconsistency between the two homes children of divorced parents occupy.

A way to address the problem: “Look for strengths between the two homes and build on them.” Acknowledge and discuss the inconsistencies with your kids and help them adjust.

When parents divorce, emotions often run high. But that does not mean that the legal process of settling questions of child custody and parenting time must be contentious and damaging. An experienced Butler County family law attorney can help you navigate the system and protect your children.


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