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The many benefits of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Divorce |

If you are among the many people across Ohio who suspect a divorce may be in your near future, you may be starting to do your research about the process and exactly what it involves. Unless your soon-to-be-former partner is abusive or the two of you have a particularly volatile relationship, you may want to consider undergoing divorce mediation, as opposed to a traditional divorce. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, we understand that divorce mediation offers many benefits, and we have helped many clients navigate the process while pursuing mutually suitable post-divorce arrangements.

According to the American Bar Association, mediation involves having both parties in a marriage rely on an unbiased third party, called the mediator, who can help the two of you identify and work through issues. These might include alimony issues, child custody issues, asset division issues and so on, but the ultimate goal in mediation is typically to enable you and the other party to establish lasting, agreeable terms for your divorce.

Mediation is almost always cheaper than a traditional courtroom divorce, and this is among its most notable benefits. Because you two share the expense of the mediator, rather than each financing your own attorneys, you can save a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, by mediating, you do not have to pay court fees and related costs.

Another particularly notable benefit of mediating is that it can have positive effects on children you share. Divorce is tough enough on children, but when your child sees you and his or her other parent cooperating in this manner, it may give him or her hope that the two of you can continue to do so and co-parent successfully, even if you do not live together anymore. These are just several of many benefits associated with divorce mediation. More on this topic is available on our webpage.


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