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What state should I have to file in for a military divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Military Divorce |

For most couples in Ohio, it is easy to decide where to file for divorce. They go to the local courthouse and get it handled. However, if you are a military family, it may not be that easy due to moving around a lot and not having a permanent address or even established residency, which are often required to file. 

According to, choosing what state in which to file for divorce is a serious matter due to the difference in laws between states. Luckily, you have a choice of where to file. However, there are still rules you must follow when choosing a state.

You have to have lived in the state. It cannot be just the state in which you got married or even just a state in which you own property. You must have established a residence in the state in order to file for divorce there. Do note, though, only one of you needs to have lived there. 

Generally, you will have a home in the state and conduct your financial affairs in the state. You will have a driver’s license there and other legal documents tied to that state. 

Also, consider the divorce laws. If you have a couple states that you could file in, choose the one with the more favorable divorce laws. For example, some states require a period of legal separation before a divorce can be granted while others, like Ohio, do not. This information is for education and not intended to be legal advice. 


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