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January 2018 Archives

Can I keep something that was my spouse's before our marriage?

Ohio is an equitable distribution state, meaning that assets each spouse gathered during the marriage are marital except in cases of a prenuptial agreement stating otherwise or in some cases of financial misconduct. Assets such as inheritances or property that one spouse owned before the marriage may also be exempt from marital property.

Challenging a divorce decree

Not all Ohio residents will feel that their divorce judgment was fair or just. Some might feel one spouse unfairly received more assets due to bad information or unfair maneuvers carried out in the divorce proceeding. However, Ohioans are not without recourse. According to the Ohio State Bar Association, you can challenge a divorce decree by filing for a motion for relief from judgment.

Understanding grandparent visitation rights following adoption

Like most grandparents in Hamilton, your care and concern for your grandchildren supersedes your own personal desires. Thus, as difficult as it may be, sometimes you may be asked to accept them being adopted by another party. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC in such situations concerned that their grandchildren's adoptions would signal the end of their associations with them. Such fears are valid. Once your child no longer has parental rights (for whatever reason), where does that leave your relationship with your grandchildren? 

Circumstances that can invalidate prenups

Ohio couples generally sign prenuptial agreements to establish how to divide property and finances in the event of a divorce. However, this does not mean that a prenup is fullproof. There are circumstances that can cause a court to invalidate parts of a prenuptial agreement, either at the time of filing, or sometime down the road during a divorce proceeding. 

What is the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act?

Military divorces in Ohio come with some special considerations. If you find yourself needing to file for divorce and you are in the military or your spouse is, then it is helpful to learn a bit more about the things that differ from a civilian divorce. 

3 tips for getting through a same-sex divorce

It was a long road to legalizing same-sex marriage, and you took part in the benefits in the past few years. Unfortunately, not all gay couples live happily ever after. If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage and are considering splitting up, you may have a lot of concerns. 

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