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3 tips for getting through a same-sex divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Divorce |

It was a long road to legalizing same-sex marriage, and you took part in the benefits in the past few years. Unfortunately, not all gay couples live happily ever after. If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage and are considering splitting up, you may have a lot of concerns. 

Divorce is difficult for anyone, but there are some unique challenges facing gay couples ending their marriages. Here are some tips to get through this difficult time: 

1. Do not stay in a miserable marriage to prove a point

If you are unhappy with your relationship, do not feel any obligation to stay together. You may feel pressure to stick it out to show everyone that legalizing same-sex marriage was worth it, but this is not your job. Not every gay marriage will last, and that is okay. You have the freedom to decide to marry and divorce, so do what is best for you. 

2. Avoid isolation

Hiding from family and friends may sound tempting, but it might make things worse. The Huffington Post advises that you create a support team so you do not have to go through your divorce alone. You may be hesitant to talk to friends or family members who did not support you coming out or getting married, which is understandable, but you can find those who accept you and will support you during this difficult time. 

3. Do not let negative emotions overwhelm you

Getting a divorce can bring on confusion, self-doubt, anger and hurt. While you may never be able to completely prevent yourself from feeling these emotions, they do not need to rule your life. Always remember that you are valuable and worthy of life even when your relationships do not work out.

Separating from the person you once proudly declared your love to can be gut-wrenching, but you can get through it.


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