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Divorce mediation – what is in it for me?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Divorce |

When you are not sure what else to do, and you have finally made the difficult decision to divorce your spouse, the last thing you may want is go to trial against him or her. An option for Ohio couples who prefer to avoid the courtroom is mediation, the addition of a third party with an objective view and trained conflict resolution skills. 

Besides the benefit of not having to go to court, mediation provides a less stressful environment that, in turn, eases the process for any children involved. The American Bar Association stresses the significance of these realities. When children see you and your partner working together amicably, the ABA says, the kids’ hope for continuing in strong relationships with both of you stays alive. Joint custody is often a product of mediation, too, a fact that underscores the benefits mediation offers children.

Negotiation outside the courtroom is also less expensive than a trial. Since you and your spouse would both work with the same mediator, the amount invested would likely be far less than if each of you had one or more attorneys to represent you in court. The ABA also points out the goal of mediation is collaboration, which also reduces billable hours. 

How do you know if you qualify for hiring a mediator? The ABA recommends this alternative dispute resolution if you are able to communicate reasonably well and are willing to come to an agreement with the assistance of objective third party. If both of those statements accurately describe you, and the thought of standing before a judge sends your anxious heart racing, you may want to inquire about mediation as an alternative.

Note this information only intends to help you understand alternative dispute resolution and does not offer legal advice. 




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