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May 2018 Archives

Can you seek legal custody of your grandchildren?

As a grandparent living in Ohio, there are unfortunately very few laws dedicated to protecting your rights. However, the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, will be here to help you explore your options if you are looking to seek legal rights regarding your grandchild.

Is a prenuptial agreement a good idea?

If you and your fiancé are an Ohio couple deep into the planning of your upcoming wedding, the last thing you probably want to think about is a prenuptial agreement. Prenups have received an unjustified bad reputation over the years as documents that rich people sign before getting married because they do not trust each other and therefore want to protect their respective assets from each other.

Who gets the retirement account(s) when you divorce?

If you and your spouse plan to divorce in Ohio and either or both of you have a retirement plan where you work, these plans may well make up a major portion of your marital assets., an investment strategy site, explains that per Ohio law, the portion of your retirement benefits that you earned while married makes up the marital portion of your plan. That is the portion to which your spouse may or may not be entitled.

Should you own a business with your ex-spouse?

Marriages fall apart for any number of reasons, and a lot of times the final straw is just that, the final event in a series of happenings that would not have been as destructive on their own. Ohio couples who find themselves in this situation likely did not plan to ever end up here, and if this describes you, now you are sifting through remnants of relationship you never wanted to end. 

What grandparents need to know about adopting their grandkids

In 2017, NBC News reported on the increasing numbers of grandparents adopting their grandchildren due to a growing need created by the opioid epidemic. Ohio grandparents who find themselves in this or similar situations may also find they face similar challenges to those NBC News mentioned. Expenses of raising children have increased in recent years, for example, and the process of adoption can be quite an investment.

Divorcing dads: 3 tips for being an active parent

If you are trying to navigate your divorce and all its complications, you may struggle to be an active father. It may be difficult to communicate with your child while you are dealing with legal, emotional and financial distractions. However, it is vital to maintain a good parent-child relationship, no matter how custody proceedings play out.

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