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Divorcing dads: 3 tips for being an active parent

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Child Custody |

If you are trying to navigate your divorce and all its complications, you may struggle to be an active father. It may be difficult to communicate with your child while you are dealing with legal, emotional and financial distractions. However, it is vital to maintain a good parent-child relationship, no matter how custody proceedings play out.

You may end up needing to co-parent your child with your ex-wife once the divorce is over. Whether you end up with as much custody or visitation as you want, here are some tips for strengthening the bond you have with your kid during and after divorce:

1. Invest in their interests

One of the best ways to foster a strong connection with your child is by expressing your interest in his or her passions. If your child loves sports, then help him or her practice whenever possible and show up to games. Learn as much about the sport as you can. If your child plays a musical instrument, familiarize yourself with it. Simply showing your interest in and support of these extracurricular will go a long way to showing your child you care.

2. Communicate a lot

If your child is going back and forth between two households or only sees you for a few hours, this can be difficult for him or her. However, you can still be active when your child is not physically with you. Sending a thoughtful text message to check in or video-chatting are great ways to remain involved. 

3. Assist with school

A key aspect of being an active dad is investing in the future of your child. Be enthusiastic about helping your child with homework and accomplishing educational goals. Helping your child study for tests will help him or her succeed.

It is possible to be a positive and active parent after divorce. While co-parenting may be challenging, you can do it if you try these little things every day.


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