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July 2018 Archives

What constitutes an equitable property division in Ohio?

When you and your spouse divorce in Ohio, you must divide all the property that the two of you acquired during your marriage as equally as possible between you. Sometimes, however, a precise 50-50 property split would be unfair, leaving one of you at a disadvantage. FindLaw explains that in such a situation, you instead must divide your marital property equitably

Finding support for grandparents with custody

It can be more difficult, both emotionally and financially, for grandparents raising their grandchildren than when they were raising their own children. Ohio grandparents with custody may face numerous challenges, such as living on a limited retirement income and age-related health issues, which can complicate taking on parental duties. The children may also be dealing with feelings of loss and other emotional issues that come from not being raised by their parents. Not surprisingly, custodial grandparents may feel overwhelmed and out of their league.

Domestic violence in a military marriage

Those who serve in the armed forces provide an honorable service to the rest of the country. However, as we at the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, understand, not everyone enlisted in the military behaves with kindness and respect at home. There are some military marriages in Ohio and elsewhere in which spousal abuse is a regular occurrence. However, those in the armed forces are held to a high standard by their superiors. If your military spouse is abusing you, you should have effective recourse.

Do you need to add a forensic accountant to your legal team?

If you and your spouse are contemplating an Ohio divorce, it may be difficult for you to arrive at a fair and equitable property settlement agreement, particularly if you are a high-asset couple. Your difficulties could be especially complex if you believe that your spouse is attempting to hide assets from you.

Challenges in facing a military divorce

A military divorce can differ in several ways from a civilian divorce. If you are facing a divorce from your military spouse, or if you yourself are active duty military, there are some special considerations you must know about. 

What are the advantages of mediation?

If you have considered filing for legal separation or divorce, you may have thought about all of your options when it comes to dissolving your marriage. Two of the most popular methods of filing for divorce involve traditional courtroom divorce and mediation. Mediation has many advantages over courtroom litigation. Research shows that couples who choose to undergo mediation often end the marriage on better terms than those who choose to do so under traditional divorce. Since mediation is presented as non-confrontational and is more relaxed, you may not have the heated emotions that couples have when battling out in court.

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