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Coping with divorce during holidays: For adults

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Family is almost synonymous with the holiday season. Therefore, it is no surprise that coping with a divorce during this time can be challenging.

Along with the legal part of the divorce process, there are also emotional and mental components to manage. Adults should consider these coping mechanisms to help them through the process.

Stay positive

A positive mindset can go a long way. Focusing on the good things that a person has or will enjoy can foster positive energy, which can change the trajectory of one’s entire mood. Understandably, this may be more difficult for parents who have a legal plan in place that does not work favorably for holiday plans. However, it can be helpful for them to focus on the time they do spend with the children, rather than the time they do not.

Embrace the change

Divorce provides a new start, which can serve as the perfect time to create new traditions or avoid unfavorable ones. For those with other individuals to consider, such as parents with children, it may be necessary to build these new traditions around those that the child may still want to uphold. 

Stay busy

Keeping busy can help to distract people from the negative or unfavorable aspects of life. It may also help to create or nurture new positive experiences and develop healthy, enjoyable relationships. Divorced people can participate in friend and family activities, volunteer and embrace or find new hobbies. Sticking to healthy eating habits and exercise routines are also advisable. In fact, a study shows evidence that physical activity decreases during a divorce. However, physical exercise is a great way to address and relieve stress.

By implementing these mechanisms into a routine, a divorced person may find it easier to cope with divorce during the holidays. It may not be easy, and some attempts may not work right away, but a gallant effort can help place a person in a better situation than letting the loss take its toll during this time of celebrating family.


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