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Can your Facebook posts impact your divorce settlement?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Property Division |

When your marriage is ending, it can seem as natural as confiding in a friend to post about the impending divorce on social media. After all, social media has become a prevalent part of the lives of Ohio residents and others across the country. It is how you keep in touch with your loved ones, so of course you would want to talk about a significant life event like a divorce on your social media platforms. While it may be tempting to change your relationship status on Facebook and post some self-affirming quotes and newly-single selfies, you might want to think twice before announcing your breakup online – at least before the divorce is finalized.

Prevention advises against oversharing on social media for numerous reasons, many of which could affect the outcome of your divorce. The following examples may explain further:

  • Your spouse’s attorney could use your social media posts, such as photos of expensive purchases or selfies at a party, as evidence that could negatively impact your child custody or property division judgements.
  • You may later regret an accusatory post or public argument you get into with your ex on Facebook that your entire friends list can see.
  • If you are looking for a new job, a hiring manager might see posts related to your divorce and decide against hiring you.

Divorces are often emotional and heartbreaking, and it is normal to want to seek solace and understanding with family and friends. However, it may be best to confide in those you trust in person and to keep the details off social media until the ordeal is over.


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