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What is gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Divorce |

If you have been married for decades and are past the age of 50 years old, you may think that you are safe from a divorce. A study conducted by Bowling Green University found a rise in the number of people who are filing for divorce over the age of 50. The trend is known as gray divorce, and it has grown significantly over the years. The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey reports that while 2.8 percent of Americans over the age of 50 filed for divorce 50 years ago, 11.8 percent filed in 2000 and 15.4 percent were divorce in 2011. The divorce rate in people over the age of 50 jumped from one in ten in 1990 to one in four in 2011.

There are several reasons why you may be more likely to file for a divorce once you hit this prime age. People are more likely to file for divorce once their children have left the home. Unhappy couples may stay together in order to raise the kids, and once the kids are gone, they can separate and live new lives. This is also true for people who retire. Spending time consumed in your career may have made your marriage more bearable. Once retirement hits, people may not want to spend time together, having lost interest in the relationship. Since people are living longer after retirement, they may separate from an unhappy marriage in order to find happiness.

A number or women are no longer financially dependent on their spouses and are able to support themselves. This puts them in a position where they do not have to stay in an unhappy marriage due to financial reasons.

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