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Have you and your partner decided to adopt?

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Let us say that as an LGTB couple, you and your partner have made the decision to raise a child. Research shows you are among an estimated two million same-sex couples interested in adopting.

How common is this process, and is same-sex adoption legal in Ohio?

By the numbers

The statistics are interesting. It may surprise you to learn that the number of children across the nation who reside with at least one gay parent is between 6 and 14 million. LGTB parents are four times more likely than parents of different sexes to raise an adopted child. In fact, research shows that adopted children below the age of 18 belong to just 3 percent of different-sex parents in the country while 13 percent of same-sex parents raise an adopted child.

Considering gender

Many people believe gender does not matter when it comes to child-rearing, and the number of same-sex parents raising children continues to rise. There are 594,000 same-sex households in the U.S., and 115,000 of the couples have children. In every state, including Ohio, the same-sex couple wishing to adopt must be in a relationship legally recognized such as marriage, a domestic partnership or a civil union.

Ohio adoptions

The legalization of same-sex marriage across the U.S. took place in 2015. Same-sex couples now have the same rights as those granted to traditional couples. Therefore, it is legal for an LGBT couple to adopt a child. Sometimes, one party is the biological parent and the other party wishes to become the child’s legal, adoptive parent. The adoption procedure in Ohio allows a gay stepparent to become an adoptive parent. The law requires a child who is 12 years of age or older to give his or her consent to the proposed adoption before the judge approves.

Where adoption takes place

If you are in a same-sex relationship and wish to know more about adopting a child, explore your legal options to become familiar with what is involved. The Butler County Court System handles the adoption process for same-sex couples in our area.


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