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How to create a parenting plan through mediation

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Divorce |

Whether you are currently filing for divorce or you are simply considering terminating your marriage, there are many things to consider, especially when there are children involved. One of the most important plans included in your divorce settlement is your child custody arrangement. Children who are forced to go through a divorce and deal with their parents separating may have difficulties when it comes to adjusting to this big change in life. Yet, you may be able to minimize the overwhelming feelings by creating a solid parenting plan.

When you and your spouse are able to discuss the matter at hand civilly, you may be able to create a parenting plan through mediation. This is a positive alternative to having the child custody arrangement created by a judge who is presiding over the divorce case. Not only do you and your spouse know your situation and your child better than anyone, you may be better able to customize your schedule rather than leave the details in the hands of a judge. Using mediation, you and your spouse may be able to come up with a parenting plan that may not be available had a judge determined the details.

When meeting in the mediation session, you may choose to have an attorney present. It can be hard to make important decisions during these stressful times and having someone there to support you is critical. It is also important to understand that child custody arrangements may be modified and adjusted to meet the changing needs of your child and your life.

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