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Using divorce mediation to your advantage

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce |

As you stare your divorce in the face, you are becoming more concerned about how this significant change in your relationship could alter your life’s future. Mediation is a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage if you understand how your decisions will impact your outcome. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, we are committed to helping people in Ohio to work through the process of separating from their spouse.

Mediation is the portion of your divorce where decisions will be made regarding how specific property, possessions and assets will be split between you and your soon-to-be ex. While this may sound rather simplistic, you may be surprised at how strongly you feel about the fate of certain things that ultimately end up with your ex. Giving yourself a winning shot at being satisfied with the outcome of your mediation requires you to be flexible and willing to acknowledge that you will not get everything you desire. Create a vision of your future, and identify what you need to do to achieve those goals if your mediation leaves you with missing pieces. 

According to LiveAbout, your refusal to negotiate your mediation can be an immediate ticket to an unsatisfactory and disappointing outcome. Your decision voids any chance you may have had at getting what you desired out of negotiations when your case will immediately be sent to a divorce court. Once there, the fate of many of your possessions will be left up to a judge and more resources will be required to get what it is that you want. 

When you are prepared and willing to negotiate as you enter mediation, you can stand your ground with confidence and respect for the other party. For more information about getting divorced, visit our web page.  


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