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Tips for making the most out of your visitation

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Uncategorized |

When you do not get a lot of custody from your divorce agreement, you may feel disappointed and resentful. But if you have a visitation schedule, it is vital to realize how important that is. You still get to see your children on a regular basis and build a bond with them. 

Every second you get to spend with your kids is precious. While it may be painful to be away from your children for several days or weeks at a time, you can compensate for it by making the most of your parenting time. Consider the tips below to help you and your kids create meaningful memories.

Have a plan

Whether you see your kids for a few hours or perhaps even overnight, it is helpful to prepare activities beforehand. If you simply have your children over to your house or go out to dinner, it may turn out to be uneventful or mundane. While there is nothing wrong with having some downtime with your kids, it is good to be active and engaged other times. Think of activities or games you can partake in together. Interactive activities are better than simply watching a movie or playing games on an iPad. 

Be on your best behavior

While you may be dealing with a lot of anger from the divorce, it is crucial to be as kind and responsible as possible. Make sure you do not bad-mouth the other parent during visitation. If you can demonstrate your ability to be an outstanding parent, you may be able to lay the groundwork for modifying your custody arrangement in the future. 

Make connections between visits

When your children spend the majority of their time with your ex, it is important for you to try to contact your kids in between visitations. This may be in the form of a phone call after school, video chat before bed or sending an encouraging message online.


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