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Ending a marriage during pregnancy

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Divorce |

Married couples split up for countless reasons, and there are a number of issues that they may be going through when they decide to move forward with the divorce process. Sometimes, there may be disagreement regarding the decision to divorce, with only one spouse wishing to end the marriage, while the feelings may be mutual in other instances. When someone is pregnant, approaching divorce (and even finding the courage to move forward with a divorce) can be especially complicated. However, people should not feel stuck in a toxic marriage just because of their pregnancy status.

A lot of different questions may arise when a couple that is expecting a child decide to end their marriage. Some people decide to remain in the marriage for the child’s sake, while others do not let the pregnancy influence their decision to divorce. Couples may have questions and concerns regarding child support, custody and visitation and many other family law issues during a pregnancy. Moreover, a pregnant woman may feel tired or stressed out and working through the divorce process may be even more challenging.

Divorce can be emotional, especially for couples in this position. However, working through the divorce process may be easier when couples communicate or take steps to understand their options more clearly. Some divorces are more difficult than others, but it is always helpful to have a solid understanding of the different legal options on the table. Read through our website if you would like to find more information related to the divorce process and various family law matters.


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