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How divorce mediation can help with joint custody

Divorcing parents in Ohio will have to deal with matters of child custody. While recent studies have shown that joint custody tends to be the best option for a child, not every parent may feel like they are capable of sharing custody. This is where divorce mediation can come in. defines divorce mediation as a form of conflict resolution for divorcing couples. Generally speaking, it involves an unrelated third party who is there to help both sides reach a consensus. Though there is a misconception that mediators are attempting to "fix" a couple's relationship, that isn't the case. Instead, they act as a bridge between two parties and try to get them to reach agreements on a number of topics.

Matters of custody are a huge reason divorcing parents enlist the help of a mediator. Not only can mediators aid parents when they are deciding on the custody terms, but they can also help work out strategies for how to cooperate while parenting together in the years that will follow.

FindLaw looks at the benefits that could be reaped through joint custody. This includes a statistically higher rate of good behavioral adjustment in children, stronger bonds between the children and both parents, and an overall healthier family dynamic.

Joint custody may seem difficult to achieve, but it isn't always impossible despite the hurdles a couple may face. With the help of a mediator, it is possible for divorced or divorcing parents to reach an agreement on custody terms and even share joint custody.

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