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Winning grandparent rights

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The love of a grandparent is almost as important as that of a parent. In some cases, when a parent is not in the child’s life for any reason, the care, consideration and love of a grandparent may be vital.

Whether a divorce, an estranged relationship or another event formed a wedge between you and your grandchildren, there may be options available to bridge the divide. In that vein, you have to understand a few key items about grandparent rights.

Not easy

Establishing grandparent rights when a parent is not on board is not an easy process. However, it is not impossible, as long as grandparents seek their rights under certain conditions. In many cases, the grandparent may seek rights to step in for an absent parent, whether the parent abandons the child or is taken away from the child due to different circumstances, including deployment, incarceration or death. There are also instances where grandparents may seek rights, and possibly custody, when there is evidence of domestic violence.

Best interest of the child

A major part of winning grandparent rights in Ohio is being able to show that additional time with a grandparent is in the child’s best interest. Courts are very protective of children. Therefore, when cases involve children, they will often provide judgments intended to benefit the needs of the children. 

Building a case

To create a strong case, grandparents must be able to assert and support one of the main conditions that warrants the execution of grandparent rights. Also, it can be beneficial for the grandparent to show a strong connection to the child. Another effective means of supporting the case is to show that the grandparent not being in the picture could prove harmful to the child.

Due to the complexity of gaining grandparent rights, the process can be lengthy. However, the reward of having quality time with your grandchildren is well worth it.


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