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How divorce mediation works

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2019 | Divorce |

When married couples in Ohio decide to get divorced, there are plenty of tools at their disposal that can be used to get through the split with as little hassle as possible. One of the potential tools that can be utilized are divorce mediators.

Divorce mediation is defined by as a process in which a neutral third party helps two other parties work through their disagreements to reach a conclusion everyone can benefit from. A common misconception is that divorce mediators are attempting to keep couples together even if they have both decided that divorce is their preferred option, but that isn’t true. They are simply there to smooth over bumps in the divorce process, such as arguments that occur over child custody terms or alimony payments.

FindLaw also states that mediators act as a go-between during all discussions. They moderate talks by asking for explanations or the repetition of information when necessary, asking clarifying questions to make sure everything is being communicated as intended, and ensuring both parties have an equal amount of time to speak. They also work on identifying alternative methods of problem solving, utilizing information they receive from both parties, and ensuring no toes are stepped on.

Those who opt for the aid of a divorce mediator may find it easier to come to conclusions than it would be when trying to figure things out alone. Being able to work through a situation with an unbiased third party opinion can provide valuable insight and workable solutions to common problems.



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