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What are some benefits associated with divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce can be hard on anyone. Change is often jarring. It frays emotions. Spouses struggle to communicate early on, while they’re getting their bearings. If you’re new to the divorce process and concerned about how things are going to go if you head to court, then you may want to consider mediation.

Mediation may be an ideal way for you to try to resolve your divorce if you’re looking to keep things between you and your ex peaceful.

Courtroom battles, of litigation, often become heated. Mediators are trained to give the two of you a platform to speak. They’re only goal is to guide you in reaching a compromise. They serve as a sort of referee who keeps conversations focused, respectful and orientated toward the ultimate goal, a settlement.

Divorce mediation may be an ideal way for you and your ex to reach an agreement fairly quickly. You have to wait for the next court hearing if you decide to litigate a case. These can be scheduled weeks if not months apart. These hearings are often brief. Not much gets covered in them.

Mediation sessions often are brief but happen over a few short weeks. It’s easy to get a quicker solution in such cases. This can save you significant times and costs in the long run.

Another important reason to mediate your divorce is that it’s likely to have the least impact on your children. Parents who broker custody or support agreements this way tend to stick with what they agree to because they have a hand in making decisions. Parents and kids are both happier when the strife is kept to a minimum.

If you are in the process of getting divorced and you’re interested in pursuing a more peaceful and effective approach to resolving your differences with your ex, then you may want to speak to a divorce mediation attorney here in Hamilton. Your lawyer can advise you how this more nuanced approach to resolving marital strife in Ohio may help you achieve the desired results that you’re looking for in your case.


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