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January 2020 Archives

What you can do to make divorce mediation negotiations effective

Divorce is often depicted as being quite contentious in the movies -- but some people do experience amicable divorces. That's right, there is a way for you to split up with your spouse, divide up all your property, make custody and visitation decisions regarding your children and still walk away as friends. This is best accomplished via the alternative dispute resolution approach known as mediation.

You can divorce-proof your marriage during deployment

Many aspects of military life are difficult. Married service members often find dealing with a deployment particularly hard for them. There are some things that soldiers and their civilian spouses can do to divorce-proof their marriage while they're apart though.

How to parent your child effectively from a distance

Maybe you are a military mom or dad away on an overseas deployment. Or you could be working out of state, driving an 18-wheeler across the country, or even incarcerated or in a long-term rehab program. Regardless of the circumstances, you may be struggling to parent your children from a distance.

How can you make your divorce less contentious?

While sometimes both spouses are committed to ending their marriage, divorce is often a one-sided endeavor that only the husband or wife wants. It's often in instances in which both parties aren't on board with calling it quits that divorces are most contentious. There are things that you can do to minimize the conflict as you discuss child custody and support, alimony and property division though.

Don’t ask for a “trial by combat” in your pending divorce

Emotions often run high during a divorce. After all, the people involved once believe they would spend their whole lives together. Those intense emotions can lead people to behave in uncharacteristically aggressive or irrational manners during divorce. Letting your emotions run the show and focusing on revenge or winning in a divorce can lead you to make questionable legal decisions.

Splitting up a business during a divorce isn't easy

The number of U.S. small businesses run by married couples hovers somewhere around a few million. The fact that so many smaller companies are family-owned and run can make things difficult if a couple decides to divorce. While many spouses find a way to work together even after they split, others are unable to do so. No matter what path they choose, splitting a business up during a divorce requires some legal wrangling to do so.

What benefits do children enjoy from having grandparents?

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), at least 2.7 million homes in this country and run by grandparents who have grandchildren that live with them full-time. Many of those individuals are under the age of 60 and still employed. At least 40% of them either have a disability or are impoverished. Many are forced to take care of their grandkids because their parents develop substance abuse problems or for some other reason. Children who are placed with grandparents derive many benefits from their loved ones taking them in.

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