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You can divorce-proof your marriage during deployment

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Military Divorce |

Many aspects of military life are difficult. Married service members often find dealing with a deployment particularly hard for them. There are some things that soldiers and their civilian spouses can do to divorce-proof their marriage while they’re apart though.

You shouldn’t wait until you’re about to board a bus or airplane to discuss how you’re going to stay in contact with one another. This is something that you should instead discuss as soon as you find out that you’re being deployed. You should ask your commander what communication methods you may have available to you and come up with a schedule to keep in contact with your spouse.

One of the things that spouses tend to struggle with when they’re apart from each other is trust. You must discuss your concerns openly. You need to remember that transparency is key.

You should encourage your civilian spouse to find new activities to pursue to keep them busy during your time away. You two can then share what you’ve been up to when you communicate at your scheduled times.

One of the best things about communicating at a distance is that it allows you two to take intimacy to a whole new level. You may want to take advantage of having your spouse’s undivided attention to discuss your goals for the future. You may find it helpful to document things that you want to share with your spouse in a notebook for when you get a chance to talk.

Some things that your civilian spouse can do while you’re away to make you feel more closely connected to the home include sending you a favorite song of yours that will boost your morale. It can also be helpful for them to send you a care package full of your favorite snacks, pictures and other sentimental items.

Many couples who have strong marriages can weather short deployments of a few weeks or even a month or two. Service members who are sent away for longer periods may find it hard to keep their marriages afloat, especially if their marriages are already on shaky ground.

If you and your civilian spouse are struggling and you’re committed to walking away from your marriage, then an attorney can help. Your Hamilton lawyer can help you in choosing between dissolution and divorce and help you negotiate a settlement in your Ohio case.


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