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February 2020 Archives

What becomes of your art if you divorce in Ohio?

The word artist is used to describe individuals who are musicians, screenwriters, painters and other creative-types nowadays. Many individuals who perform this type of work see what they do as a passion. They treat their work as if it were their baby, keeping a close eye on it up until they sign with a record company or sell it to a music studio or an art collector. If you're an artist then you may be wondering what happens if you get divorced before any of this happens. What does may disappoint you.

Is my military pension in jeopardy if I divorce here in Ohio?

As a service member, you have likely spent significant time overseas on deployment and in other stressful situations protecting the safety of our country at home and abroad. You probably feel like you more than earned your pension. You wouldn't want to do anything to have that taken away from you. If you're facing a divorce, then your right to your military retirement may be in jeopardy though.

Your position as stepparent affects custody and support issues

As a stepparent, you don't have a biological connection to the children of your spouse. However, that doesn't mean that you haven't developed a meaningful, important bond with them. That bond may persist even in situations where your relationship with your spouse begins to deteriorate.

How is property divided among divorcing spouses in Ohio?

If there's one factor that holds up divorce negotiations, then property division is at the top of the list. Couples often fight over whether certain valuable items are considered as marital property. Hamilton judges take into account various factors when dividing up spouses' assets.

How you can strengthen your relationship with your grandchild

A lot of good can come from kids having their grandparents in their lives. Family strife may result in children not being able to form as close of bonds as they'd like to with their grandmothers and grandfathers though. If you and your grandkids are fortunate enough to be in each other's lives, then you may find it helpful to know what you can do to strengthen the relationship that you have.

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