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How you can strengthen your relationship with your grandchild

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Grandparents' Rights |

A lot of good can come from kids having their grandparents in their lives. Family strife may result in children not being able to form as close of bonds as they’d like to with their grandmothers and grandfathers though. If you and your grandkids are fortunate enough to be in each other’s lives, then you may find it helpful to know what you can do to strengthen the relationship that you have.

The key to growing in any relationship is maintaining consistent communication with the other person. It’s not uncommon for children of divorce to stay in closer contact with their custodial parent than their noncustodial one. This often leaves one set of grandparents largely shut out of what’s going on in their grandchild’s life. The other grandfather or grandmother may end up seeing their granddaughter or grandson more as part of this process.

Grandparents must offer a stable home life for their grandkids. This may be particularly important to a grandchild if their parents are going through a heavily contested divorce, and the stress is wearing off on them. A grandparent’s home can serve as a welcome escape for their grandchild in instances like this. It’s even possible for grandmothers and grandfathers to strengthen their emotional bonds with their grandkids by serving as a sounding board when they need to discuss what their feeling about their parents splitting up.

Physical closeness is an important factor that can help you and your grandkids form a closer bond. You may be able to establish a particularly close bond with with a younger grandchild if you can be there in-person to play with them, watch their dance recital or pick them up from school. Older kids such as tweens and teens may feel close to you simply by being able to reach out to you via Facetime, Skype or some other type of virtual communication platform.

Research shows that the more grandparents try to infuse themselves into the family dynamic, the more likely they are to enjoy closer relationships with their grandkids. If your grandchild’s parents are divorced and you’re looking to find a way to secure more time with your granddaughter or grandson here in Hamilton, then an attorney can help. Your lawyer can assist you in exercising your right to visitation with your grandkids here in Ohio.


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