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Do you know how to dress in court for your custody hearing?

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If you have an upcoming child custody hearing, you likely are nervous about just what that entails. Now is a good time to consult with your Hamilton child custody attorney about any concerns that you have.

But one sure thing that you can do to make a good impression on the family law court judge is to dress appropriately for court. If you are unsure what that may be, the following tips can help you get off on the right foot with the court at your next custody hearing.

Get a haircut if needed

While you may favor the shaggy look, it’s doubtful that the court will. Go in for a trim to keep your locks looking tidy and under control. Also, if you favor a non-traditional hairstyle, e.g., dredlocks or wild colors, now might be a good time to change up your look for awhile. It’s just hair, after all. It will grow back.

Dress like you’re going to church or a job interview

Forget jeans. If you have a suit and tie, now is a good time to sport it. If not, a freshly pressed dress shirt over an undershirt and a nice pair of slacks will be fine. Women should dress conservatively in a suit or modest dress that covers their upper arms and hits below the knee.

Never wear open-toe shoes or flip-flops. A conservative, solid-color shoe with a low heel is perfect for court.

Less is more with jewelry

While a single ring or pair of stud earrings is appropriate, forego the dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces and multiple rings. If you wear a nose stud or other facial jewelry, remove them for the court appearance. Men should not wear earrings at all in court.

Cover tattoos

Whenever it is possible, tattoos should be covered by clothing. Failing that, you can temporarily cover them up with special makeup designed for just that.

Wear nothing controversial

Never attempt to make a statement with your clothes. You will certainly make one — but it won’t have the effect that you hope. The look you are shooting for is conservative, mature, responsible. In other words, in the eyes of the court, all the qualities of a good parent.

Not sure if you hit the mark? Ask your family law attorney to weigh in on your proposed outfit prior to the day of the hearing.


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