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How should my ex and I divide up family photos when we divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Property Division |

Most people take pictures using their phones or some other type of digital camera nowadays. It, therefore, may seem a bit odd for one to ask what happens with their photographs once a couple decides to divorce. It’s not too strange of a question though, considering how it’s likely that those photographs are saved on a spouse’s actual phone, tablet, computer or in a cloud-based account. Inventorying and arranging for the dividing up of these marital assets may take some negotiation.

Many people who print pictures delete them after they do so. Others leave them on their piece of technology. The fact that there are no negatives to make reprints of or that you don’t have access to the device where the photographs are stored can complicate things.

The best thing that you can do if you have digital photos is to take them all and copy them onto a flash or hard drive and give them to your ex.

If you have print photos, then you should consider scanning them all onto your computer. You can then save them to your hard drive and give them to your ex. If you and your spouse have been together a long time and have far too print photographs that scanning them in would take an eternity, then you may want to be more selective in the ones that you give your ex.

You’ll want to focus on selecting pictures that show family members and also tell your story. If you’re only going to offer up a limited amount of pictures, then the ones that you select should be high-quality ones. You should create a box for both you and your ex that may not contain the same images, but that will allow both of you to reminisce about the experiences that you shared.

One of the best things that you can do if you have videos or movies is to create duplicate copies of them. You may find that uploading the content to a digital dropbox is ideal as they can be easily shared that way.

Sentimental items like photographs can be hard to part ways with. Digital technology makes that easier for you to do so. A property division attorney in Hamilton can help you and your ex reach an agreement about how to split up nostalgic assets like these in your Ohio divorce case.


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