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Do you have to pay college tuition for child support?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Family Law |

Understanding their child support obligations is important for both parents. Divorcing parents need to know what to expect and how to plan for their children’s future. One question they often have is whether a parent must pay child support for college tuition. In Ohio, the answer is no.

Does Ohio law mandate child support for college tuition?

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As a general rule, Ohio law does not allow the court to order child support to pay for college expenses. Usually, a parent’s obligation to pay child support ends when his or her child turns 18. There is an exception if the child is still going to high school up to age 19. However, child support ends completely when the child is 18 or done with high school, whichever is later.

As a rule, the courts in Ohio do not have the authority to order child support funds for college. The law for child support for college is not the same in every state. If the case is in a different state, the law may be different. Be sure that you understand which law applies to your case.

Parents may agree to college support

While parents do not have to agree on college child support payments, they are welcome to negotiate for it as part of their divorce judgment. If the parents agree, the order is enforceable by the court. Divorcing spouses may want to enter into an agreement regarding tuition payments as part of the overall division of property during the divorce. If they do, they can expect the court to enforce it. However, as a rule, it’s not something that the court orders without an agreement between both parties.

Understanding child support when children go to college

It’s important for divorcing parents to understand that child support for college is not mandatory in the State of Ohio. Child support is an important part of any divorce. Several factors affect what the court awards for child support and other property awards. When you understand these factors, you can prepare a strong case to receive a fair divorce judgment.


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