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End your marriage without children

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Dissolution |

Marital dissolution in Ohio differs from divorce. You have the option of a legal separation or an annulment with your spouse also. Regarding couples who don’t have children, they might have the simplest way for a mutual agreement. If you can, mutual agreements are ideal when ending a marriage. The emotional or financial cost of a divorce may otherwise be overbearing. Due to these challenges, couples without children have unique ways to end their vows.

No existing lawsuits

Unlike a divorce, dissolutions don’t require you to file lawsuits against each other. Lawsuits are specifically filed to remedy a dispute deemed solvable only by the courts. Filing legal action against a spouse is the prerequisite for a divorce. There is a way to initiate an end to your marriage without forcing your way out of it. Lawsuits, instead, are for those seeking damages.

Proven grounds unnecessary

A lawsuit is forwarded to trial to give the parties involved time to fight or defend their cases. Anyone who files for divorce is making a public claim against their spouse. Their claim is considered the grounds on which the court grants the divorce. Claims, however, need to be proven, and spouses have the right to defend themselves against public grounds for filing a divorce. The motion for a trial is more expensive if couples split due to legal arguments.

Mutual in nature

When marriages instead dissolve, they end in a mutual agreement shared by both spouses. As far as ending the marriage, both spouses consent and only need to file a single petition. During dissolution, a judge still rules on their settlement. That settlement, however, is based on a couple’s terms. They’ll then legally confirm each’s consent regarding property division.

A reasonable choice for childless parents

The ruling of dissolution is confirmed by a public court but isn’t issued by the court. Courts that need to issue a judgment do so when spouses divorce and file claims against each other. Avoiding legal disputes through dissolution might be easier for spouses without children.


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