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LGBTQ, heterosexual couples often divorce for same reasons

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Divorce |

As more LGBTQ couples marry, another related statistic gets overlooked. The number of divorces within this group has also increased. Most couples whether LGBTQ or heterosexual face challenges and, sometimes, those challenges become difficult to overcome.

When considering divorce, you need to make calculated preparations.

Lesbian couples more likely to end marriages

And, as it turns out, many LGBTQ couples end their marriages for similar reasons as heterosexual couples. That list of reasons includes infidelity, incompatibility, poor money management of one spouse, growing apart, substance abuse and excessive conflict.

A UK study found that lesbian couples are more likely to end their marriages than gay males. Researchers discovered that lesbian couples comprised nearly 75% of divorces among same-sex couples during the four-year period through 2019. In the U.S., researchers and therapists have suggested that a similar statistical trend has emerged.

Important steps to take when pursuing divorce

Regardless of these statistics, it remains crucial to promptly act when determining your marriage cannot be saved. Here are some critical steps to take:

  • Gather financial records: This includes tax returns from the time the marriage lasted, list of assets and documents on retirement plans
  • Assemble essential documents: The list may include credit reports, vehicle titles, property deeds and children’s immunization records.
  • Take steps toward creating a separate life: Open new bank account and get a new credit card in your name. Consider creating a post office box, too.
  • Prepare your children: Explain to them what will happen and provide extra attention to them. Your kids may be confused, hurt and angry. They need to know that you love them unconditionally and that a new parental arrangement will be in store.
  • Find a new place to live: Can you really live under the same roof as your estranged spouse? In many cases, the tension is just too much. In addition, a spouse who is a victim of domestic abuse must flee as soon as possible.
  • Retain an attorney: An attorney will guide you through the legal process and provide critical advice, providing insight on division of assets, parenting plans and child support.

Any person going through a divorce would benefit from taking these critical steps.

Preparation is key

Common threads do exist between LGBTQ and heterosexual couples who pursue divorce. Granted, certain issues come to the forefront for the former. But divorce preparation is key, ultimately leading a divorced person to a new life and beginning.


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