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Is dissolution a better way to end your marriage?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Dissolution |

The process of divorce in Ohio is one that involves a number of successive steps. This can be a complex and emotionally trying experience. Dissolution is one of the legally available methods that can make end the marriage quickly and painlessly.

Steps of the dissolution process

Dissolution of marriage is a legal process that involves a number of steps:

  • Both parties file a separation agreement that includes provisions for handling issues such as separation of property, spousal support and the custody of any children resulting from the marriage.
  • After this agreement is reached, a dissolution petition is then filed.
  • A period of 30 days is required before the court can hear the case. The court will do so within 90 days.
  • The court will review the separation agreement and ascertain whether both parties are satisfied.
  • If the court finds that both parties are satisfied, it will grant the dissolution.

Benefits of marriage dissolution

There are a number of reasons why dissolution may be a better solution than divorce when it comes to ending your marriage. Dissolution often has fewer steps than a normal divorce. The court is thus able to deal quickly with the stated needs of each partner as it moves to reach its final decision.

Neither party to the process is required to provide grounds for fault. Since no one has to accept blame, no one is left with any excess emotional damage. Dissolution thus helps you financially as well as emotionally.

A dissolution is thus handled by the court in much the same manner as a no-fault divorce. This provides for a quick and cost-effective process that enables you to get safely out of a failing marriage.


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