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Understanding grandparent visitation rights following adoption

Like most grandparents in Hamilton, your care and concern for your grandchildren supersedes your own personal desires. Thus, as difficult as it may be, sometimes you may be asked to accept them being adopted by another party. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC in such situations concerned that their grandchildren's adoptions would signal the end of their associations with them. Such fears are valid. Once your child no longer has parental rights (for whatever reason), where does that leave your relationship with your grandchildren? 

Can grandparents get visitation rights?

If you are a grandparent of a child in Ohio, you may wonder if you have any rights to visitation with that child. While your rights are not automatic like a parent's rights, the court can grant you visitation in some situations. Generally, according to the Ohio Legislative Service, to be awarded grandparents visitation rights, you must show that it is in the best interests of the child.

Grandparents and grandchildren: preserving the relationship

At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, in Ohio, we know that as a grandparent, you have very few rights under Ohio law. We also know, however, that this does not mean that it is impossible for you to preserve your grandparent-grandchild relationships or for you to file an action seeking visitation in your grandchild’s best interests.

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