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Custody and visitation arrangements for military families

Divorce can be difficult for any couple. It's especially complicated for parents in the military. Being able to arrange for child visitation can be complicated, especially if the service member parent is stationed in another state or deployed overseas.

What do you stand to lose if you divorce a service member?

Divorce can be a complicated, consuming, and overwhelming process. A whole other level of complication is added to the process when one of the spouses getting divorces is a civilian and the other is a member of the military. You, as the nonservice member may be at risk of losing your on-base housing and identification (ID) card once the divorce has been finalized.

Is my military pension in jeopardy if I divorce here in Ohio?

As a service member, you have likely spent significant time overseas on deployment and in other stressful situations protecting the safety of our country at home and abroad. You probably feel like you more than earned your pension. You wouldn't want to do anything to have that taken away from you. If you're facing a divorce, then your right to your military retirement may be in jeopardy though.

You can divorce-proof your marriage during deployment

Many aspects of military life are difficult. Married service members often find dealing with a deployment particularly hard for them. There are some things that soldiers and their civilian spouses can do to divorce-proof their marriage while they're apart though.

Deployment plays a large role in ruining military marriages

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) recently published an annual report that highlights how divorce rates among its service members have remained fairly constant since 1996. That percentage currently hovers just below 4%, a number that is similar to the civilian divorce rate. While that index may seem relatively low, researchers at the investigative news firm InsideSources (IS) recently interviewed service members and found that divorce is far more common in the military that the DOD statistics allude to. It's most common among those soldiers that have endured long deployments.

Beware of the stressors that cause military couples to divorce

There are a variety of reasons that cause marriages to fail. One such factor is job stress. Active members of the armed forces often spend significant time away from their spouses while deployed or away at training. Soldiers are constantly under pressure to remain fit and on top of everything in their field. The amount of stress that our soldiers are under leads many to question what impact this has on military divorce.

Military divorce isn't all that similar to a civilian one

If you ask military officials about divorce, they'll tell you that it's a civilian matter. That's not necessarily the case though. Members of the armed forces enjoy certain benefits in handling their divorces that civilians don't have. Military spouses are also guaranteed a portion of their ex's pension in many cases. This is why any Ohio attorney that you work with must have experience in handling military divorces.

How can the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act help you?

If you're an active member of the United States Armed Forces, and your spouse has recently served you with divorce papers, then you should know that you have additional rights that civilians do not when they're faced with the same situation. You are covered by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

How can military parents handle custody?

Parents in Ohio who are getting a divorce already have to deal with matters of child custody. Unfortunately, one or both parents being members of the military can make this situation even more complicated. We at the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, are here today to discuss how custody situations can be arranged with parents in the military.

Visitation schedules for military families

When you get a divorce in Ohio, you may wonder how you will see your children since you are an active-duty member of the military. Visitation can sometimes be more complicated if you do not live near your children anymore. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, we know it is important for you to understand how long-distance visitation can work.

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