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Reduce Your Stress And Your Costs When Divorcing

Many people associate divorce with bitter, stressful power struggles between spouses looking to assert control. Others may think of divorce as one spouse giving up entirely and allowing the other to make the tough decisions. Although some divorces do, unfortunately, involve these scenarios, not all of them do.

There is an alternative to the traditional methods of divorce. In marriage dissolution, spouses work together to find satisfactory compromises to their issues. Attorney Kristen L. Campbell understands the dissolution of marriage process firsthand, as she has worked with hundreds of Ohio clients to dissolve their marriages. If you want to avoid the traditionally harsh methods of divorce, dissolution of marriage might help you reduce your stress and keep down your costs.

Why Does Dissolution Save Money?

Divorces are notoriously expensive. They become even more costly when spouses use the legal system to make jabs at each other or hold out for their own preferred outcomes. When a divorce requires a trial, your fees may go up even more. Litigation can be very expensive because it can take months to years and may require multiple attorneys. By the time the trial is over, you may have spent more money than you receive in your divorce order.

When you make the choice to dissolve your marriage, you also make the choice to save money. Dissolution of marriage almost always takes less time than a trial. You and your spouse also have more control over how many billable hours you spend on the settlement negotiation process. That means fewer legal fees.

How Is It Less Stressful?

Trials are necessarily adversarial. Two parties are fighting a legal battle in which one side will win and the other will lose. In a trial, you do not have a guarantee that a judge will rule in your favor. You end up preparing for a fight in which you have very little control over the outcome.

You have much more control and much less stress when you cooperate with your former spouse. By working hands-on to find a reasonable settlement, you stand a better chance of maintaining amicable relations. You also have a say in the final outcome, even if it means making a few compromises. Attorney Kristen L. Campbell has over 20 years of experience helping people come to agreeable terms over dividing financial assets and deciding on parenting issues.

You Can Put Your Children First

If you have children, then the dissolution of marriage can offer one more valuable benefit: It protects your kids. Children tend to suffer the most in traditional divorces. When parents are at war with each other over seemingly minor details, it is the kids who lose. Working together as co-parents is a way to put your children first, shielding them from trauma as much as possible.

Learn How To Have A Cost-Effective And Easier Divorce

Are you still interested in minimizing your stress and your bills? Reach out to the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, to discuss dissolution of marriage with a knowledgeable lawyer. Attorney Campbell can evaluate your unique situation, explain your options and guide you toward the right decision. To schedule an initial consultation, call her Hamilton office at 513-895-0030 or send her an email.