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What Are The Best Options For Ending A Child-Free Marriage?

Ending a marriage does not always have to carry unnecessary pain and hurdles, and you have options to negotiate and reach agreements that can be beneficial for both parties. Some couples choose traditional divorce because they have complicated assets or disagreements over child custody that lead to drawn-out litigation. You can take a less stressful, faster and less expensive route. Having an ally to discuss the pros and cons of your decisions and your options is vital. Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC is ready to become your valuable ally.

Attorney Kristen L. Campbell provides clients in Ohio with highly personalized legal advice and solutions to look for an outcome that might be potentially beneficial for both parties. From the first consultation to the finalization of your process, she will be available to develop solutions with your best interests at heart.

Mediation: A More Peaceful Method To Reach A Divorce Settlement

When couples decide to cooperate and negotiate the terms of their divorce, mediation can be an essential tool to craft agreements. The mediator and the couple work together to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. Each spouse provides all the relevant information about assets subject to division and their finances to start the process. They will discuss their wishes and expectations while Ms. Campbell offers potential options to empower both parties’ decision-making.

Ms. Campbell helps clients navigate their options and potential scenarios regarding asset division, including debts, and whether one spouse will provide spousal support to the other. When both parties agree on the divorce terms, the next step is to file for their marriage dissolution decree and submit the separation agreement before the relevant courts.

Mediation is a legal option that will allow you and your future ex-spouse to reach agreements in a quiet and cooperative environment. The goal is to balance the wishes and expectations of both parties.

The experience a mediator can bring to the table is also vital to protecting the rights and interests of the spouses. Ms. Campbell has dedicated her family law practice to mediating as a neutral party, helping future ex-spouses reach divorce settlements.

Marriage Dissolution: Reaching An Agreement Together With A Neutral Party

The dissolution of your marriage can be a less controversial process than a traditional divorce. While traditional divorce is a civil lawsuit, marriage dissolution is an action you take together to mutually terminate the marriage. Drawing from her experience as a mediator, Ms. Campbell can help both parties agree on favorable terms to dissolve a marriage.

Spouses may apply for marriage dissolution if they have agreed upon the terms to end their matrimony or are willing and open to negotiations. Like mediation, this is a less stressful solution that allows the parties to decide on every aspect involving their separation.

As in every process, exceptions may apply. The assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer can make a positive and lasting impact on the decisions you make today.

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