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Do You Need Changes To Your Ohio Divorce Decree?

Are you divorced but realize that now you need changes to the divorce agreement? In Ohio, you must file for an appeal within 30 days of when the court issued the decree. You must also find the specific rules for your court and follow them carefully in creating, filing and presenting your plea.

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Attorney Kristen L. Campbell assists clients in appealing divorce decrees and requesting changes and modifications after divorce. Call her office in Butler County to set up a consultation at 513-895-0030.

Two Main Reasons For Decree Changes

1. You Think The Judge Made A Mistake

If you disagree with the judge’s ruling in the divorce, you may make a motion to appeal the judge’s decision. This motion may be granted if the appellate judge feels the trial judge interpreted the law incorrectly. However, if the facts were used correctly and the decree does not leave room for interpretation, you may not have enough grounds for an appeal. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you make that determination.

2. Your Circumstances Have Changed

We all know that change in life is inevitable, and sometimes life changes will affect your decree. Some things that may change after your divorce are:

      • New job and career changes
      • One spouse gets a promotion and should be paying more money in child support
      • One spouse moves out of town or out of state
      • Lay-off from work
      • One or both spouses remarry
      • Other significant circumstances

What Can An Attorney Do For Me?

An attorney can assist you in the many aspects of appealing your divorce decree, including:

  • Help determine if you have grounds to appeal the initial decree
  • Prepare all required documents to request changes
  • Order trial transcripts for use in preparing your appeal arguments (filing fee charged)
  • Make sure all necessary documents are filed properly in court
  • Draft briefs which argue your case for the appeal
  • Follow the specific rules for the court in this motion
  • Appear in court with you before the panel of three judges and present arguments

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