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A Skilled Divorce Mediator Can Help Couples Reach Agreements

Divorce is never easy. It is less financially and emotionally painful, however, when spouses make a conscious decision to act as rationally as possible and resolve issues quickly. Spending time fighting about every specific wrong will only prolong the pain and put further strain on your wallet.

This is where alternative dispute resolution methods such as divorce mediation come into play. Our Butler County attorney Kristen L. Campbell completed 40 hours of mediation training. She has also been participating with clients in this process for more than 18 years. Call her office in Hamilton at 513-895-0030.

“As a mediator, I can meet with you and help resolve asset/debt allocation issues, custody issues and other concerns. My decade of experience in the family law field has given me the ability to get people talking and facilitate two-way communication.” — Kristen L. Campbell

Many Benefits Of Mediation

Here are just a few of the potential benefits of mediation:

  • Less stress — It saves you and your family from having to pay the emotional toll of litigation. This is particularly important in cases that involve children.
  • Less money — It is often much more economical than taking the divorce to trial. Even if your spouse is wealthy, spending more of his or her money than necessary on legal fees only reduces the pool of money left over to establish two separate households.
  • Fewer restrictions — It allows for more tailored solutions by giving you a world of options that are not available through the litigation system.

A Flexible Process

Generally, the mediator and the parties decide together how they want to proceed. If each spouse wants to take a turn and explain his or her concerns, then we work through each issue one by one. The goal is to come to a mutually acceptable agreement about some or all of the disputed issues. Then, the agreement is written down, formalized and adopted by the courts.

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Remember, the legal route you choose to end your marriage, whether that be through an uncontested divorce or dissolution or through a more traditional divorce in court, it can help determine how expensive, time-consuming, private and adversarial the process will be. Arrange an initial consultation and learn more by calling the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, at 513-895-0030. You may also reach our Hamilton office online.