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How divorce mediation can help with joint custody

Divorcing parents in Ohio will have to deal with matters of child custody. While recent studies have shown that joint custody tends to be the best option for a child, not every parent may feel like they are capable of sharing custody. This is where divorce mediation can come in.

Which parent pays for college after a divorce?

If you and your spouse have children together and have decided to get a divorce, you are not alone. Many couples in Ohio find themselves in this situation every year. As you delve into the details of how to split your assets and your debts, you may also be discussing financial support for your children. Even if you have very young children, it is wise to ensure that funding a college education is part of this discussion.

Why is divorce risker the second and third time around

As you recite your wedding vows, you may not anticipate filing for divorce years later. Yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that at least half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. While many people believe that their second and third attempt at wedded bliss may turn out better results, statistics show otherwise. The divorce rate for second marriages increases to 67 percent, and for third marriages to 73 percent. So why does the risk of divorce increase with each subsequent marriage?

Ending a marriage during pregnancy

Married couples split up for countless reasons, and there are a number of issues that they may be going through when they decide to move forward with the divorce process. Sometimes, there may be disagreement regarding the decision to divorce, with only one spouse wishing to end the marriage, while the feelings may be mutual in other instances. When someone is pregnant, approaching divorce (and even finding the courage to move forward with a divorce) can be especially complicated. However, people should not feel stuck in a toxic marriage just because of their pregnancy status.

3 key benefits of divorce mediation

After watching divorces play out in the movies, or watching your Ohio friends and neighbors navigate their way through them, you may have the impression that all divorces ultimately lead to ugly, litigated courtroom battles. This does not have the be the case for all divorcing couples, however. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, we understand that divorce mediation presents an affordable alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce, and we have helped many people looking to save money and preserve their sanity amid splits make choices that serve them well.

The long-term impact of divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are a number of issues (both positive and possibly negative) to consider. Often, people think about the immediate impact of ending their marriage, from stress in the courtroom to how their daily life will change after splitting up with their spouse. However, it is also very helpful to go over the long-term impact of divorce. In fact, there may be a number of reasons why ending a marriage is advantageous over the course of someone’s life.

Using divorce mediation to your advantage

As you stare your divorce in the face, you are becoming more concerned about how this significant change in your relationship could alter your life's future. Mediation is a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage if you understand how your decisions will impact your outcome. At the Law Office of Kristen L. Campbell, LLC, we are committed to helping people in Ohio to work through the process of separating from their spouse.

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