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We Assist Step-Parents In Adoption Cases

Adopting a child is perhaps the biggest decision someone can make. You are choosing to be responsible for raising another human being. It could also become one of the most joy-filled additions to someone’s life: becoming a parent.

Adoption For Step-Parents

Step-parent adoptions in Butler County are handled at the Butler County Probate Court. These adoptions take place either by consent of the biological parents or by a contested process. In contested adoptions, the parties petitioning for the adoption must establish that consent of one or both parents is not necessary and that the adoption is in the best interest of the child. Adoption cases can be complicated and strict procedures must be followed in all court proceedings.

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What About In Cases Of Same-Sex Couples?

When same-sex marriage was legalized in Ohio and across the nation in 2015, it also became legal for same-sex couples to adopt a child together. This is because the ruling that legalized same-sex marriage also meant that same-sex couples now had all rights legally granted to any married couple. This could mean, for example, that someone who had been raising a child because of being the significant other of that child’s parent could now legally adopt the child if they so chose. So a gay stepparent could become a legal adoptive parent to the child through the adoption process in Ohio.

What Say Does A Child Have In The Adoption Process?

In Ohio, a child 12 or older must consent to the adoption for it to be approved by the courts. The child must also reside with the proposed adoptive parent for six months prior to the adoption becoming legal.

Extensive Experience With Butler County Court System

Attorney Kristen Campbell has been representing clients in the Butler County region since 1999 in all areas of family law. She has extensive knowledge and experience with the Butler County Court System and the people who work in and around it. This is important when you are trying to get your adoption case heard and dealt with in a timely and cost-effective way. It helps to have someone experienced in adoption and other family legal matters who can help you navigate your way through it all.

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