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I had to go through an unfortunate divorce and was dreading what this was going to entail. Ms. Campbell expedited this process for me which helped alleviate a lot of the emotional pain I was going through. I just wanted it done! I had heard horror stories in the past as well as my ex’s threats of, “I’m going to take everything!” Well she didn’t. Pretty much a clean break and we both had to share the negative equity we had in the house that we ended up in a short sale. Better than bankruptcy. I really appreciated her help.


Kristen was very patient with me; taking the time to educate me on options and possible outcomes. Correspondence and communication was always clear and professionally presented. She was compassionate and sympathetic as needed and coached and directed me when I needed help getting on track. Case and outcome played out just as she told me it would. I highly recommend her.

Dan, child custody client